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5 Bed Bug Facts You Should Know

Bed bugs were once heard of only in bedtime stories, but over the past several years, there has been an influx in this pest found throughout NYC. The infestation has affected both homes and businesses, none to the happiness of those being attacked by these small insects that feast upon your blood while you’re fast asleep. Here are five important bed bug facts that you should know to prevent an infestation from taking over your life.

1.    DIY treatments for bed bugs are usually less than efficient. Rather than attempt to use pesticides that do not destroy the bug, pick up the phone and call a professional bed bug exterminator nyc who has the products that deplete these bugs quickly.

bed bug exterminator nyc

2.    Bed bugs do not carry any disease, but that doesn’t make them any less of an annoying pest.  They bite in the middle of the night, first injecting the victim with a numbing potion that many people are allergic to. The bites turn into very itchy welts and oftentimes swell.

3.    Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not caused by unsanitary conditions. Many people suspect this is true, but bed bug infestations can be caused by many different things, whether you’ve brought in a bug from your luggage or after a hotel stay.

4.    Bed bugs can survive for up to one-year without a meal. But, they’re still rapidly reproducing this time. A female bed bug can lay up to 25,000 eggs over the course of this year.

5.    Furniture and other items may need to be discarded if the bed bug infestation you experience is severe enough. It is disheartening to think you’ll need to replace sofas, beds, etc. but this may be necessary to keep the bugs out of your home for good.